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District heating can provide an effective solution for distributing heat to commercial and residential properties for uses such as central heating and providing hot water. Instead of localized boilers, a district heating network can lower the environmental impact, decrease pollution and increase efficiency. Here at Flatt we have specialised consultants for district heating design.

Heat Generation and District Heating Design

There are several methods for designing the district heating network that depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Necessary tests and research will be made by experts before the final draft of the design phase is complete.
  • Heat generated can be used for hot water generation, space heating and more.
  • Plants to generate heat can be large or small, depending on the demand.
  • District heating designs will be divided into separate parts such as the production area and central boiler plant, the pre-insulated pipes and distribution network, and the consumption area and substation.
  • Designers and experts will ensure the operation process will be efficient from start to end.
  • Durable components are used and achieve the lowest fuel consumption.
  • New systems will be flushed before usage to remove any impurities.